Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphin Sea Marine Mammals Wise IntelligenWhile they are certainly playful and amusing creatures, there is more to dolphins than just Flipper. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on earth, and are found in just about every sea around the globe. Types of them are found in some of the major rivers, including the Amazon River in Brazil and the Ganges River in India. Yet they, like so many marine animals, are threatened by human activity and in many ways are in our mercy for survival. As an elegant way to raise awareness and introduce the masses to the beauty and significance of the dolphin, many vacation resorts offer people the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins to promote environmental conservation.

In a strange twist, dolphins are actually the descendants of land animals who evolved into the water, as opposed to most life forms which evolved from the water. Scientists are sure of the evolutionary path as dolphins still have little vestigial pelvic bones and leg buds as part of the skeletal structure.

The word “dolphin” comes from the ancient Greek word “delphys,” which means womb and thus was probably chosen for the unusual fact that dolphins, like whales, are mammals and carry their young in their wombs before arrival. Dolphins are known for their unique social behaviour and acute intelligence. There have even been reports of dolphins displaying civilization and learned behavior, phenomenon thought to be unique to human intellect, by teaching their young to use tools for food hunting and decorations and props for breeding rituals.

Such intelligence, together with their characteristic playfulness and their friendly nature, is exactly what makes swimming with dolphins such a special experience. However, various sorts of dolphins today are endangered, with several types already gone beyond bringing back. For example, a study done in 2006 was not able to locate some of the Yangtze River dolphin, which makes it technically extinct.

The challenging fact to realize is that humans are responsible in large part for the danger these magnificent creature are now facing. From the spilling of toxic waste and waste into the oceans into runoff containing dangerous pesticides to accidental collisions with boat propellers, many of the dolphin’s major enemies are the careless byproducts of human life. Dolphins are often the accidental victims of fishermen’s nets, when they’re hauled in with catches of tuna. Unfortunately, dolphins are also hunted for food in many areas of the world and are murdered in mass for commercial sale.

The people of the world now have the capacity to stop the casual and mostly unintentional destruction of these fabulous creatures, and this is the reason why swimming with dolphins is so powerful. It is obvious from that the majority of the ways we hurt dolphins are passive, making them unnecessary victims. By offering people an opportunity to spend personal time with these awesome animals in their natural habitats, resorts are encouraging people to get to know them and put a face on all the things that live in the sea. And as soon as you have been kissed by a dolphin, nuzzled by a dolphin, and ferried around on the back of a dolphin, it is not easy to ignore the effect we are having on them. So if you get a chance, don’t miss the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins, as it is a very special and educational experience. The expectation is that it will not be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but when our careless treatment of the environment does not stop, unfortunately it might be. Critter control.

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